ClubsHR Product Update - May 2022

Hello! Welcome to our monthly ClubsHR update blog. We hope you're going well in your businesses and are excited to help you save time and money, plus adhere to the complex requirements of the ClubsNSW award.

Over the last few months, our team have been working hard in preparation for some big releases expected to drop in either June or July. They've also squashed some bugs to give you a better experience with ClubsHR. I look forward to sharing more about our work in the coming months.

This month, we have two features that benefit our Xero integrated customers.
  • Centralised settings for linking and unlinking staff to Xero
  • Tracking codes for Sites and Positions

1. Xero Employees Sync

We've improved [the way you sync staff from ClubsHR to Xero]( By simply heading to the Settings dropdown in your ClubsHR account, you will have a Pending and Linked staff list that you can either link or unlink from Xero.

Pending Employees.png

2. Xero Tracking Codes

We've added the ability to assign tracking codes to Sites and Positions within ClubsHR. Tracking codes allow you to track staff labour costs in Xero across your business units separately.

Until Next Month

We hope you like the updates and look forward to updating you next month with the next round of updates we have in the pipeline! There are plenty more exciting features coming that I know will be popular with customers.