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The ClubsHR Mission

ClubsHR is the long-awaited outcome of a collaborative partnership between RosterElf and ClubsNSW! ClubsHR is truly innovative, bringing together the best HR tech from RosterElf to more than 1200 club venues with 40,000+ employees through ClubsNSW. RosterElf and ClubsNSW vow to provide the best rostering solution for club venues across NSW. With key features such as rostering, time and attendance and award interpretation, managing your club venue became a whole lot easier.

To hear more about this exciting partnership and the future of ClubsHR, then make sure to watch the video.

How can ClubsHR help?

Make time for the things that matter.

ClubsHR was built with the club industry knowledge of both RosterElf and ClubsNSW. As changemakers for hourly workers, ClubsHR is an excellent solution for the club industry. It works to streamline communication with employees, make more time for customer service, and keep businesses’ Fair Work compliant.

  • Customer service
  • Employee engagement 
  • Keeping on pace for budget
  • Cutting down on wage costs 
How can ClubsHR help?

We’re here to help

The ClubsHR team is here to help! The team are available to provide you with a full product demonstration, and we also offer no obligation 15-day trials.

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