Compliance Management for Clubs

ClubsHR makes payroll and compliance management a breeze.

Are you tired of juggling complex payroll compliance requirements for your club? Say goodbye to the headache and embrace ClubsHR – your all-in-one solution for seamless compliance management.

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Never worry about compliance again.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Simple and Powerful Award Interpretation

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Navigate through intricate award conditions effortlessly. 

ClubsHR's intuitive award interpretation tool ensures accurate pay calculations, eliminating confusion and ensuring compliance.

Avoid fines with our compliance management software and make staff management easier than ever.

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Fully Customisable Pay Templates

ClubsHR Pay Templates

Tailor your pay templates to match your club's specific needs with ClubsHR. 

You have the flexibility to set up award levels that align perfectly with your unique requirements. The pay templates can be customised and will be applied to each employee once created and matched.

We have the club's award hard coded into our software - your employees will automatically get paid correctly.

ClubsHR Pay Templates
ClubsHR employee allowances

Registered and Licensed Club Award

Managing Employee Allowances

ClubsHR employee allowances

With ClubsHR, managing allowances for employees is a breeze. Our system automatically calculates and incorporates allowances into payroll, ensuring accurate compensation.

ClubsHR takes care of all additional payments that need to be made to employees to cover the costs of working in certain conditions or performing specific duties.

The registered and licensed club award also covers other important provisions such as hours of work, breaks, leave entitlements, and dispute resolution procedures.

Say goodbye to manual calculations and let ClubsHR handle allowances seamlessly.

Always stay on top of compliance management.

Warnings for Overtime and Minimum Engagement

ClubsHR: Warnings for Overtime and Minimum

ClubsHR simplifies the management of warnings for overtime and minimum engagement. 

Our system automatically tracks and alerts you when employees approach overtime limits or fall below minimum engagement requirements. 

Stay compliant with labour regulations and avoid costly penalties with ClubsHR's proactive warnings. 

Focus on running your club while ClubsHR keeps you informed and in control of overtime and minimum engagement.

ClubsHR: Warnings for Overtime and Minimum

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