Quick guides for easy account setup

How can ClubsHR help?

Need a hand setting up your ClubsHR account?

We’ve created a series of quick start guides to have you up and rostering with ease.

For additional support contact 1300 353 187 or book a video session with one of our team.

How to Add a Site

This tutorial will talk you through how to add sites.

How can ClubsHR help?
How can ClubsHR help?

How to Add a Position

This tutorial will step you through how to add multiple positions to your account.

How to Add a Staff Member

This tutorial will cover how to bulk import a staff list or add them individually.

How can ClubsHR help?
How can ClubsHR help?

How to Publish a Roster

This tutorial will show you how to publish an effective and efficient roster.

Digital Time and Attendance Settings

This tutorial will step you through how to set up digital time and attendance.

How can ClubsHR help?
How can ClubsHR help?

Setting up Pay Templates

This tutorial will cover 3 key steps.

  • Understanding pay templates
  • Linking each pay template to your payroll system
  • Applying pay templates to each staff member

More Features

Save time and manage your resources

Shift Swapping

Shift Swapping

ClubsHR allows staff to request shift changes using the shift swap feature quickly. Managers receive the request and a list of qualified and available staff to fill the shift.

Mobile Rostering

ClubsHR App

The ClubsHR App is available for both iOS and Android. Both manager and employees have access to the app and gives you the ability to create rosters and manage staff requests.


Live Reporting

ClubsHR is built for the hourly worker manager giving you real-time reports on roster changes, payroll, staff availability and more. These are downloadable in a range of formats.


Build a Budget

ClubsHR is also a powerful budgeting tool. Review all your core budgeting data including labour cost, average pay-rates and your net profit %.

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