We are excited to announce our brand-new partnership with ClubsWA! At ClubsHR, we are proud to have a 20-year partnership with ClubsNSW and are now thrilled to expand our club partnerships to Western Australia.

With almost 1,000 licensed community sport, social, cultural and recreation clubs across Western Australia share more than 450,000 members. This collaboration will allow us to bring a comprehensive HR solution to the clubs and venues of Western Australia.

“This partnership between ClubsHR and ClubsWA is a significant milestone for our organisation,” says Karel Radford, Head of Success at ClubsHR. “It will allow us to bring our comprehensive HR solution to the clubs of Western Australia, helping them to manage their HR processes efficiently and effectively. This will in turn, enable them to focus on their core business activities, improving the overall experience for their members and guests.”

As the club industry continues to evolve and grow, the need for effective HR management has never been greater. That's why ClubsHR, developed by ClubsNSW, the largest club organization in Australia, has created a platform that streamlines HR processes, reduces administrative burden, and provides valuable insights into business operations. This allows clubs to save time and focus on areas that really matter and have an impact like giving back to the community.

##About ClubsNSW

ClubsNSW is a not-for-profit organisation that has been serving the club industry for over 100 years. ClubsNSW is dedicated to providing support and services to the clubs of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Our mission is to enhance the prosperity, sustainability, and reputation of our member clubs.

About ClubsWA

[**Clubs WA**](https://www.clubswa.com.au/) is the not-for-profit industry body that represents the interests of licensed and community clubs in Western Australia. They work with the Government, private sector and public to strengthen the role of clubs amongst local communities and ensure they remain viable.

Clubs WA is part of a national body, Clubs Australia, and is one of the largest member-based not-for-profit organisations in Western Australia. With active involvement in almost every town, the club industry spreads to a quarter of the population of Western Australia.

With this partnership, **ClubsHR will be able to expand its services to the clubs of Western Australia, helping them to achieve their goals and succeed in the industry.** We believe that this partnership will greatly benefit the clubs of Western Australia and we look forward to working with ClubsWA to provide them with the support and services they need to succeed. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration!

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