#How Does ClubsHR Manage Award Compliance?

The Registered And Licensed Club Award is very complex. Managing it is a challenging feat and can be costly if not navigated correctly.

If your business is stuck in the past and still utilising excel and paper timesheets. Managing the award is even more challenging to adhere to, which allows for human error, compliance issues, increased labour costs and frustration among your management team and employees.

Failing to be compliant, you may face severe ramifications, including:

  • Infringement notices.
  • Back-paying underpaid employees.
  • Legal proceedings and penalties.
  • Negative media attention.
  • Reputational and cultural damage.

ClubsHR has partnered with ClubsNSW to develop a very user-friendly yet powerful rostering and attendance platform that takes the headache and stress out of managing the award.

The award is hardcoded into the platform, allowing you to assign employees pay levels based on their positions. Yes, you can assign multiple pay levels to employees if they earn a different pay rate in different positions.

ClubsHR will help you manage the award by:

  • Automatically apply loading and penalties that may be triggered on a shift depending on the times you roster your employee.
  • Automatically calculating your labour costs live as you adjust the shift, allowing for extremely accurate costings.
  • Display warnings if you roster shifts that go into penalty brackets
  • Display warnings if you are approving timesheets that break penalty brackets
  • Exporting employee timesheets broken down by the loadings and penalties with a click of a button
  • Reducing the time required to train your management team on award rules

Simply roster your team based on their availabilities, approve their timesheets and let us take care of the rest.

Watch our short video below on just how simple we make rostering.