#Stop losing money on labour costs

Labour is often one of the highest expenses for your business. For typical hospitality businesses, this is, on average, 30%. There must be a dedicated focus by your management team to monitor labour costs while rostering and on shift.

So how do you manage your labour costs?

Here are just a couple of examples to help:

  • Select the right employee for the right position - Are they experienced? Skilled? Have a lower cost?
  • Cross-train your employees - By cross-training your team, you can reduce the number of employees on a shift without losing productivity
  • Incentivise performance and attendance - Reduce call-outs and no-shows, which can impact your operating costs and waste management time
  • Reduce turnover - Ensure your employees feel valued. Interviewing, onboarding and training employees is a costly endeavour. Simply say thank you and work on your team morale
  • Use technology - Providing apps to employees to improve communication, allow them to enter availabilities, automate shift swaps, reduce training, improve visibility and control your labour costs is a must

Just as investing in marketing to drive customers to your doors, you should invest in the right tools to ensure you are operating efficiently. Other than our apps which employees love, ClubsHR has developed a world-class budgeting tool to allow you and your management team to control your labour costs while you are rostering.

It’s Magically Simple:

  • Assign the pay levels to your employees based on the positions they work Roster your team using our perfect match system (Only qualified employees displayed)
  • Ensure you are picking the right employee based on their availability, experience and costs
  • Update your target revenue for the day
  • Review your daily and weekly summary
  • Roll up and view your total costs for all departments / sites