#8 steps to an excellent Shift Swap procedure

Shift swaps… enough said. At the best of times, shift swaps can be a challenge to manage. Getting a call right after you have spent time building your rosters to swap a shift due to a birthday they forgot about can be frustrating, to say the least.

The first step in managing shift swaps is having a procedure.

Here are the key points to take into consideration when creating a procedure:

  • Communicate the procedure to your team
  • Identify the requesting staff member and suitable staff who has the appropriate skill whilst meeting all requirements
  • Document all shift swap request
  • Assess the replacement staff member have the required skills, work their contracted hours, meet award requirements, and are capable in the position
  • Update the roster for attendance and payroll procedures
  • Notify the staff members involved the shift has been approved or denied
  • Monitor the frequency of shift swaps to limit potential ongoing patterns
  • Remind staff of the process and timeframes to request shift swaps to reduce disruption to your rosters

Sounds simple enough?

As I'm sure you have experienced, manually managing this procedure can be time-consuming, especially for your management team, who should focus on other priorities such as controlling labour costs or ensuring your business is compliant.

If you are looking for an easier, automated solution, ClubsHR has you covered.

Here is how it works:

  • Roster your team
  • If a staff member cannot work a shift, they request a shift swap through their app or online
  • The shift will automatically go to all employees who are qualified to fill the role
  • A different staff member accepts the shift
  • Your management team gets a notification there is a shift swap waiting for approval
  • Your management team reviews the swap and approves or denies
  • As an added bonus, ClubsHR will display other available, qualified staff if you are not happy with the original replacement
  • ClubsHR automatically updates the roster and notifies the affected employees

Shift Swap2.png